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Reading: Update on the health status of plantation community in Sri Lanka


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Update on the health status of plantation community in Sri Lanka


Nithershini Periyasamy

Ministry of Health, LK
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Estate and Urban Health Unit
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Plantation community referred as Estate population are the descendants of Indian migrants. They came to Sri Lanka during the British era to work in the estates. They lived in the estates with very poor facilities. Especially the Line rooms are their residence from British era to date. This is the root cause of most health hazards among the plantation community. Health indicators of this population are not in par with the national figures. Poverty and poor cash management, unsatisfactory living condition, lack of safe water and sanitary facilities, low level of education, ignorance, difficult terrain, poor transport facilities with poor access to health care services, language barrier are some major factors affecting their economic and social wellbeing negatively.

This community is identified as vulnerable population in the country, present health system in the estate sector is not equal to the rest of the country. Plantation community receives the health services different from other rural and urban community due to existing health system in the plantation which evolved over the period from the British era with various legal enactments. Health system in the Plantation sector need a reform to standardize the health of this community.

Integration of the present plantation sector health services to the national health system is the long felt need. However there are various other factors also need to be considered in parallel to this integration process such as empowering the society with equal education opportunity, providing adequate transport facilities, improving living condition, improving water and sanitary facilities, creating opportunity for them to receive their services in the language of their preference. 

How to Cite: Periyasamy, N., 2018. Update on the health status of plantation community in Sri Lanka. Journal of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka, 23(4), pp.135–143. DOI:
Published on 19 Apr 2018.
Peer Reviewed


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