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Reading: An Approach to the Development of a Distance Education Module


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An Approach to the Development of a Distance Education Module


Thusbara E. I. Fernando ,

National Institute of Health Science, Kalutara, LK
About Thusbara E. I.
Medical Officer
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Rohini De A. Seneviratne,

University of Colombo, LK
About Rohini De A.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
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K. C. S. Dalpathadu

Ministry of Health, LK
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Deputy Director-General (Planning, Management Division)
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Objective: To develop Modules on Distance Education (DE) for Public Health Midwives (PHMM) on the postpartum care of the mother and the care of the newborn.


Methodology: In the preparation of the distance education modules a comprehensive needs assessment was carried out in order to identify the training needs of PHMM.


A nominal group discussion was carried out to determine the most important and appropriate study topics for the programme. A partial participatory method was used to develop the curriculum. The distance education modules were prepared by a team of authors adhering to the standards and the principles of distance writing. The modules were pre-tested on PHMM and appropriate changes were made.


Results and Conclusions: Two modules were developed on, “Postpartum care of the mother” and “Care of the newborn”. The methodology adopted' was found to be effective in the development of the modules.
How to Cite: Fernando, T.E.I., Seneviratne, R.D.A. and Dalpathadu, K.C.S., 1997. An Approach to the Development of a Distance Education Module. Journal of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka, 2(1), pp.14–21. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 1997.
Peer Reviewed


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